Oncode has developed an overarching valorization strategy to speed up the translation of new insights in cancer biology into tangible applications for patients, society, and the oncology community. Key to Oncode’s valorization strategy are its affiliation agreements with Partner Institutes, which grant Oncode the exclusive right to manage and commercialize the intellectual property (IP) rights developed by an OI and his/her lab. This effectively means that over 900 Oncode researchers work together to execute a single strategy focused on oncology and receive proactive support to bring their discoveries/inventions to patients and society. A substantial fraction of Oncode funding (~16% for the first 5-year phase) is dedicated to the actions of the valorization team, an international team of 7 business developers, 1 fund manager, a valorization coordinator, and a data entry operator. The valorization team is the first point of contact for OIs and their research groups. As a result, Oncode’s business developers have become an integrated part of the research groups, which has the benefit that inventions are recognized earlier so that suitable valorization channels can be identified and activated swiftly. Furthermore, the availability of dedicated valorization funds enables Oncode business developers to swiftly adapt proposals and act on new opportunities. In 2021, the valorization team was very active and, as it did in 2020, surpassed the yearly targets set at the outset of Oncode. See figures below. 


success rate strategic funding support 


 new drug repurposing projects awarded in 2021


new invention disclosures in 2021


 licence agreements in 2021

Impact of Technology Development fund

The Oncode Technology Development Fund (TechDev fund) was established to address scientific, technical, and business issues with the aim of increasing the likelihood that Oncode inventions can be licensed and further developed.


Achieving Proof of Concept

Oncode aims to accelerate the translation of academic research findings into better diagnostics and better treatments for cancer patients. To that end, it focuses on de-risking innovations at an early stage.


Oncode Oncology
Bridge Fund

The Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund, managed by Oncode B.V., is an investment fund of €7.2M that provides pre-seed and seed capital to commercially viable enterprises originating from within the Oncode community to help translate their research ideas into market-ready investment opportunities.


Oncode Strategic funding support

Oncode’s Strategic Funding Support programme aims to help OIs navigate the funding landscape and thereby boost Oncode research funding. The programme provides tailored funding strategies for OIs and spin-off companies, offers training workshops and ‘tips & tricks’ for acquiring the most frequent types of grant, and collaborates with external parties and funding bodies on training and workshops.


Affordable Health Care programme

Oncode is dedicated to contributing to the affordability and sustainability of cancer healthcare solutions and aims to do so by leveraging its expertise and position in the valorization value chain to ensure affordability and sustainability obligations are included in applicable Oncode activities.



Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives

Valorization in person

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives