Phase 2 of Oncode Institute is at the horizon 

2022 will be special as it marks the final year of Oncode's first phase. We’ll work hard to keep the engine running at full speed, while at the same time shift gears towards phase 2 of Oncode.  
The past 4 years have shown that the Oncode way of working is successful. Therefore, we will continue to build our phase 2 strategy on this formula. However, we do not shy away from improving our way of working and accepting new challenges. We took it upon us to revisit, sharpen and expand our ideas. Guided by clear recommendations from our International Review Committee and our International Advisory Board, we have drafted a new strategy for the next phase of Oncode Institute. During this process we are in close discussion with our funders and partner institutes. When drafting a new strategy, having to make choices is inevitable. When doing so, we follow two basic principles: to keep and improve what works well and to not be afraid to change our approach if we see that can help in our mission:

To accelerate breakthrough discoveries and speed up their translation into new diagnostics and treatments for cancer patients.

We will continue to invest in curiosity-driven basic cancer research to drive the next breakthroughs in our understanding of cancer and to innovate ways to combat it. Next to that, we have the ambition to expand this with Accelerator Projects. These projects are aimed at addressing big unanswered scientific and medical challenges.  These challenges require the focused attention of large multi-disciplinary teams. Another ingredient which is at the heart of what we do is proactive valorisation: a team of experts supported by dedicated funds, who know how to move a discovery in the lab towards a new therapy or diagnostic tool. In the coming years, we will offer this expertise to teams beyond Oncode. Throughout it all, Oncode engages in extensive collaborations, including with clinical centres, industry and international partners.  
Looking ahead we see another big thing coming our way. Initiated by Oncode, a large consortium of public and private partners has put their heads together to draft a new ambitious plan: Oncode-PACT. The goal? To innovate the oncology drug development pipeline in order to develop new effective cancer drugs faster and more cost-effective. At Oncode Institute we are very eager to see this new initiative come to life. It is the logical next step to enlarge our impact on patient lives. 
In these post-pandemic days, we are excited for what’s coming our way. More great science, more collaborations and more impactful valorization. And above all, with more opportunities to meet face-to-face. 
We hope to see you soon! 

Alain Kummer

Managing Director

Chris De Jonghe

Valorization Director

Geert Kops

Scientific Director & Head of the Institute

Valorization in Person

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives


Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives