Oncode aims to drive innovation through collaboration, fostering a culture of openness and sharing in which researchers can engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations, with different scientific groups, clinicians, and other public and private research organizations. To achieve this objective, Oncode has built collaboration into every aspect of its operations. Firstly, through Oncode’s interconnected 12 partner institutes, providing Oncode researchers with a nationwide network of facilities scientific and clinical experts, together with their research, (patient) data and samples. Secondly, by promoting collaborative research through targeted funding programmes that require joint applications by multiple OIs or applications together with a clinician. Thirdly, by providing its community with multiple platforms for interaction, ranging from large, institute-wide annual meetings and conferences to small-scale focused technical masterclasses and clinical workshops. Lastly, by proactively reaching out to industry to identify opportunities for collaboration via its Industry Engagement (IE) programme. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prevented some of these activities in 2021, Oncode continued to organize meetings both online, face to face, and hybrid to ensure interactions could continue. 


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Outsmarting cancer

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