Oncode was founded on the firmly held belief that innovations in oncology stem from discoveries in basic science, such as a better understanding of cancer cell biology, evolving cancer ecosystems, and cancer-tissue interactions. Within Oncode, more than 900 outstanding scientists from 61 research groups across the Netherlands, all specialized in the field of basic oncological research, are united through a shared mission and strategy. The Oncode ecosystem builds upon the excellent research ecosystems already present at our partner institutes, through which Oncode is able to connect to additional expertises, facilities and networks.  
Oncode challenges its investigators to initiate ‘high-risk, high-gain’ research lines by providing them with substantial, near-unrestricted ‘base’ funding. Additionally, Oncode has set up advanced new technologies, infrastructures, and dedicated Oncode facilities to support high-quality research. It also facilitates training and mentoring activities. 


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Base funding  

Oncode promotes the innovation potential of its research community by providing its investigators with base funds. Oncode base funds are near-unrestricted and are designed to promote innovative basic and pre-clinical research lines of high quality (high-risk/high-gain) research, or for OIs to apply their expertise in new research fields.


Our facilities, world-class science 

Over the years, Oncode has invested almost €10M in research infrastructure via its Infrastructure and Technology (I&T) programme, providing the Oncode community and other scientists at our partner institutes with access to state-of-the-art technologies, infrastructures, and facilities.


Getting proof-of-concept 

Oncode strives to create an environment in which Oncode researchers can reach their maximum innovation potential. To that end, we use our base fund to enable each of our investigators to pursue innovative research in uncharted areas of cancer biology.


Technology Access

Oncode initiated the Technology Access (TA) programme in 2021, which aims to provide the Oncode community with access to emerging technologies that are potentially of high value to Oncode research. The programme will support the assessment of technologies and validate their utility and effectiveness for the Oncode community.


From fundamental science to the clinic

Oncode brings basic research and clinical practice closer together to enable the effective translation of promising research into novel clinical treatment strategies. To support this goal, Oncode created its Clinical Proof-of-Concept (CPoC) Programme, with an earmarked budget of €10M for pre-clinical and early clinical studies based on findings from Oncode research labs.


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Outsmarting cancer

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