Key figures and quick facts to highlight our work. We’re picking up speed with large meetings, new equipment and impressive awards and research funds.

Summer job

Our Oncode Researchers published 54 research articles in July and August of this year alone. Safe to say it was not a quiet summer.


Since this summer, Oncode is a proud member of HollandBio. By joining the vibrant and growing community of Dutch biotech companies we aim to create impact through partnerships.


6 Oncode Investigators from different institutes joined forces to climb the AlpesD’huzes and raised money for cancer research.


Karin de Visser’s research on how one DNA mutation in breast cancer hijacks the immune system was published in 18 media outlets.

Young gun

At age 35, Louis Vermeulen is officially the youngest professor within Oncode.


Our daily media monitoring about oncology revealed 22.336 online items about cancer research in the first 6 months of 2019.

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives