What kept us busy these past months? Below you will read more about the scientific progress we made on our way to outsmarting cancer and impacting lives. Read about our cutting-edge research, some examples of collaborations and meet our new team members.

Events: social interaction through science

Collaboration instead of competition, that’s what Oncode is all about. To facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration we organize various workshops, masterclasses and other events throughout the year. Based on science we stimulate social interaction in for example a 2-day event on Tumour Heterogeneity, a masterclass day and a clinical workshop focused on colorectal cancer.


Publication highlights

Excellent science is what makes our hearts beat faster. Over the past few months our Oncode Researchers have published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, we would like to highlight a few of their accomplishments. 


in cancer research- how does it work?

Organoids. It has to be one of the most used buzzwords in molecular research over the last few years. These miniature versions of an organ are grown in the lab out of small tissue samples of individual patients. The potential of this technology is quite far reaching.


Maarten van

der Weijden’s extraordinary achievement for cancer research

Maarten van der Weijden dominated the Dutch news for days when he swam the Elfstedentocht in June this year. In 75 hours, he covered an impressive 196 km! Maarten is an ex-cancer patient and with this exceptional achievement he raised over 6,1 million euros for cancer research. 


And the Oscar goes to…

We are very proud that many excellent scientists are part of Oncode Institute and we are pleased to share exciting news about prestigious awards they win, grants they have obtained, or other forms of recognition. Recently, Oncode Investigators Hugo Snippert (UMC Utrecht), Monique den Boer (Princess Máxima Center), Leila Akkari (NKI), Sylvie Noordermeer (LUMC) and Jarno Drost (Princess Máxima Center) were in the spotlight.


New faces in our valorization team

Oncode Institute wants to impact the lives of people dealing with cancer. We believe a key element in doing so is bringing the knowledge, insights and inventions of our academic researchers to the clinic. The valorization team was set up in 2018 to support researchers. This year, four valorization experts have joined the team. 


Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives