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Oncode researchers are featured regularly in the (national) media. This shows that their hard work goes beyond the interest of the Oncology community. We are proud of how our Oncode researchers are able to explain their science to the general public. On this page we share the highlights of their media appearances.

6 - 5 - 2019

 Why some tumor cells just don’t respond

Article in FTM gezondheidszorg about a publication in Nature Genetics, which is the result of a unique collaboration between researchers from the group of Oncode’s Scientific Director Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute) and Oncode Investigators Hugo Snippert (UMCU), Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute, Prinses Máxima Centrum), Alexander van Oudenaarden (Hubrecht Institute) and others. They show that colorectal tumors are chromosomally unstable, which causes extensive cell-to-cell genome variation in the tumor. This finding increases our understanding of the causes of genomic heterogeneity in cancer.

24 - 5 - 2019

 800.000 euro NWO-Vidi grant for Leila Akkari and Sylvie Noordermeer

Article in about the NWO-Vidi grant, which was awarded to Oncode Investigators Leila Akkari (NKI) and Sylvie Noordermeer (LUMC).

23 - 5 - 2019

Function of liver cancer genes in mini-organs

Article in Science Daily about an exciting collaboration between several Oncode Investigators. The groups of Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute), Michiel Vermeulen (Radboud University), Ruben van Boxtel (Prinses Máxima Centrum) and Jacco van Rheenen (NKI) developed a human model in which they use organoids to study the function of specific genes that are mutated in liver cancer. 

13 - 6 - 2019

Why ‘no cure, no pay’ could be the solution for expensive drugs

Article in Volkskrant about a new 'pay for performance model' for off label cancer medication, launched by oncologists, pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb, healthcare insurers and the Zorginstituut. Oncode Investigator Emile Voest (NKI) was involved in the development of this model.

17 - 7 - 2019

 Treatment of cancer with immunotherapy could be much more effective

Interview in about research from Oncode Investigator Daniel Peeper (NKI) who found ways to possibly prevent tumors becoming resistant to immunotherapy. 

31 - 7 - 2019

 Metastases due to defective breast cancer gene

Article in Hart van Nederland about research from Oncode Investigator Karin de Visser (NKI). She found that one defective gene in breast tumour cells can promote metastases elsewhere in the body by steering the immune system in an undesirable direction. 

31 - 7 - 2019

Wilbert Zwart, a biologist with multiple affiliations

Article in Noord Hollands Dagblad about Oncode Investigator Wilber Zwart (NKI) and the diversity of his work.

5 - 8 - 2019

Interview Geert Kops in Current Biology

Interview with Geert Kops, Scientific Director at Oncode Institute and group leader at the Hubrecht Institute in Current Biology about his career, research and worrying trends in life sciences research.

30 - 9 - 2019

 Some cancer patients benefit from unusual medication

Interview with Oncode Investigator Emile Voest (NKI) in Volkskrant, about the new DRUP study publication in nature. They found that a small group of terminal cancer patients benefits from medicines intended for other forms of cancer. 

2 - 10 - 2019

A new breakthrough in cancer research

Interview with Oncode Investigator Rene Bernards (NKI) in the daily show De Wereld Draait Door about a new breakthrough in cancer research. Together with Oncode Investigator Leila Akkari (NKI) he published about the 'one-two punch method' in Nature. This boxing move could also be effective against cancer: a left jab knocks cancer cells senseless, quickly followed by a right hook that knocks them out altogether.

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives


Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives