2020 only just started and we already look back on some great highlights this year. We had a successful event about Tumour Microenvironment & Immunology, interviewed one of our patient representatives for World Cancer Day and hosted a clinical workshop about breast cancer. 

Ton Rijnders

General Director

Angus Livingstone

Valorization Director

Geert Kops

Scientific Director

With the annual scientific meeting around the corner in April, we are ready for another exciting Oncode year. 2020 will be all about showcasing our impact and added value in the field of oncology. Everything we do has only one underlying goal: to outsmart cancer and impact lives. And one powerful mean to reach this goal is true therapeutic innovation, which starts with innovation in the basic research labs. Take a look at the work of Oncode Investigator Carl Figdor, who we interviewed for this issue. He is taking steps to create artificial lymph nodes to locally combat cancer cells. In the highly competitive world of scientific funding it is hard to get financial support to develop these out-of-the-box ideas. 

It was Oncode that got me going. Its mission to allow scientists to explore out-of-the-box ideas is truly great.

In this issue of our quarterly magazine, we update you on what has been going on in the last few months. Rudy Dekeyser, former director of the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology and one of the key driving forces behind the foundation of Oncode Institute, and Oncode Investigator Jeroen de Ridder share their views and experience with our tailored valorization approach. For a scientific deep dive, we visited the lab of Marvin Tanenbaum who explains the work he does in the lab and who stresses the importance of basic research. Enjoy reading!
Curious how our scientists feel about the added value of Oncode? We asked them:

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives