What kept us busy these past months? Below you will read more about the scientific progress we made on our way to outsmarting cancer and impacting lives. Read about our cutting-edge research, some examples of collaborations and our first spin-off company.

Mobilizing Immune Defence

At Oncode Institute we believe in collaboration. On February 8th, we therefore discussed in a workshop the role of the immune system in cancer. Can we mobilize our own defence system to combat tumours? We aim to do exactly that.


What can be discovered in a single cell?

New powerful tools enable us to analyze the genetic content on a single cell basis. With hands-on advice and funding, Oncode helped Judith Vivié and Mauro Muraro with launching their company Single Cell Discoveries. They now provide several exciting applications of single cell sequencing as a service to the research community. 





Molecular cancer research is at the heart of what we do at Oncode Institute. We have brought together the brightest minds in The Netherlands, something which is reflected in the work they have published in the last months. Two Recent breakthroughs came from the labs of Hans Clevers and Madelon Maurice.


And the Oscar goes to…

Although science is not about winning, receiving a prestigious award or grant is a great recognition of excellent science. We are therefore very proud of our investigators who often have this honour and would like to highlight Jacco van Rheenen who is one of the winners of this year’s Ammodo Science Awards.


Our first annual scientific meeting

When the days are short and temperatures are low, what’s better than getting together and discuss exciting science? On January 10 and 11 2019 we did just that. Together with the Cancer Genomics Center, we hosted our first joint annual scientific meeting in Amsterdam. The days were filled with inspiring talks by our younger scientists. But there was more than just science. 



our community, expanding our expertise

Over the past months we have grown. Not only in numbers, but also in expertise, knowledge and skills. With consecutive open calls at the end of 2018, we have recently welcomed 19 new Oncode Investigators. A combination of young talents and researchers with a proven track record of excellence.


research for
tomorrow’s patients

Cancer is still a massive problem. Nowadays it is the leading cause of death in The Netherlands and 1 out of 3 people is affected by it. Why haven’t we defeated cancer yet?

We are making tremendous progress, but cancer keeps surprising us. For example, we understand more and more about the complexity of the different forms of cancer. Every cancer is unique. However, where one patient with colon cancer responds well to a treatment, another patient does not. Why? To find the answers to these kind of questions, we have to go back to the basics. That’s why we invest in fundamental research.

We are making tremendous progress, but cancer keeps surprising us.

We do this fundamental research together. Over 800 researchers from 12 different institutes across The Netherlands collaborate intensively and exchange their knowledge and expertise. Oncode Institute translates the fundamental insights we obtain to new treatments as quickly as possible. Geert Kops, Scientific Director of Oncode, explains how.

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives