Oncode aims to drive innovation through collaboration, fostering a culture of openness and sharing in which researchers can engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations. To achieve this, Oncode has built collaboration into every aspect of its operations. Firstly, through targeted funding programmes that require joint applications by multiple OIs or applications together with  clinicians. Secondly, by providing its community with multiple platforms to establish interactions, ranging from institute-wide annual meetings to small-scale technical masterclasses and clinical workshops. Lastly, Oncode proactively reaches out to industry to identify opportunities for collaboration, the effects of which became more tangible in 2020.


meetings attended by 1075 people in 2020


of our Investigators is connected with industry


patient - researcher couples

Meeting people in times of COVID-19

In a year which was largely determined by a pandemic, we moved our Oncode meetings digital. With more than 1000 participants at 11 different meetings we stimulated the interaction between researchers, clinicians, patients, and industry representatives in new ways.


Public Private Partnerships 

To translate Oncode research findings into better treatments and diagnostics for cancer patients we promote interdisciplinary collaboration with industrial partners. We are in contact with almost all oncology/related SME´s in the Netherlands, and brokered 117 agreements with industry ranging in 2020. 


Meaningful involvement

of patients

Outsmarting cancer, impacting lives. Our core mission has an important goal - reducing the impact of cancer for patients. We know that the perspective of patients can enrich and improve Oncode research by identifying challenges, stimulating discussion, and generating novel ideas. In any medical research, patients are the ultimate stakeholders.


Fostering collaborations, advancing science

Building a strong interconnected research community is at the heart of everything Oncode does. Nothing brings people together better than the chance to learn, share knowledge and exchange experiences, and interact face to face. 


Incentivized collaboration

With collaboration being one of the three pillars of Oncode, we constantly look for ways to stimulate collaboration between our research groups. It is to their credit that the members of our community are already open-minded, which means that many forms of collaboration start naturally and organically. Nevertheless, we know that we can take collaboration further, increasing the number...


Science in person

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives

Collaboration in person

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives