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Oncode researchers are featured regularly in the (national) media. This shows that their hard work goes beyond the interest of the Oncology community. We are proud of how our Oncode researchers explain their science to the general public. On this page we share the highlights of their media appearances.

15 - 11 - 2020

Virus caught in the act of infecting a cell 

The lab of Oncode Investigator Marvin Tanenbaum (Hubrecht Institute) has developed a technique that visualizes the spread of a virus in a host cell. Together with Utrecht University they looked into how a virus infects a cell at single molecule resolution.

14 - 10 - 2020

Funding for our spin-off 

Immagene B.V., spin-off of NKI and Oncode Institute, has received an investment from the Oncode Bridge Fund, Swanbridge Capital and Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland. This funding will support the company in its drug discovery programs in immunooncology.

28 - 10 - 2020

Something must be done quickly 

Oncode Investigator, Emile Voest (NKI), explains the importance of DNA tests in cancer treatment in an interview on NPO radio 1. He points out that there are many new drugs developed for cancer patients and that DNA tests play an important role in this.

24 - 9 - 2020

A podcast about the future of cancer research

Part of a podcast series about combating cancer Oncode Investigators Emile Voest (NKI) and René Medema (NKI) are invited by Tom van 't Hek. They talk about the use of new techniques for cancer research, and the right treatment at the right time.

10 - 9 - 2020

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 

September put childhood cancer in focus. Two of our Oncode Investigators took centre stage: Anne Rios and Ruben van Boxtel (both Princess Máxima Center). Rios explains more about visualizing the invisible, while van Boxtel gives insights about his personal story and why he has become a researcher for childhood cancer

7 - 9 - 2020

Lethal snake venom potentially

Oncode Investigator Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) is closely involved in understanding the mystery of snake venom and his knowledge is now featuredin De Volkskrant. The newspaper dedicates an article to the poison of snakes as a source of new, innovative medicines.

6 - 9 - 2020

Funds for research into rhabdoid cancer 

On behalf of the Drost research group, Oncode Investigator Jarno Drost (Princess Máxima Center)  has accepted a cheque of 35.000 euros. Newspaper AD explains that this cheque comes from Stichting Nikai 4 Life and is used for research into rhabdoid cancer. 

26 - 8 - 2020

Putting the spotlight on

Oncode Investigator Anne Rios (Princess Máxima Center) is put into the spotlight by the International Society for Stem Cell Research. Rios is interviewed about the current focus of her research and the path towards becoming a scientist into stem cell research. In the interview she tells about how she considers Oncode Investigator Hans Clevers an important mentor in her scientific career.

8 - 8 - 2020

Talent for making unexpected discoveries 

In an interview for KIJK, Oncode Investigator Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) talks about his immune cells, intestinal cancer and culture organs discoveries, and explains how he doesn’t know in advance what he is going to encounter. On the contrary, he is consciously looking for coincidence.

Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives


Outsmarting cancer

impacting lives